Miniature Plastic Tubing

Genplex is an industry leading provider of small diameter plastic tubing. We extrude miniature plastic tubing as small as 0.025" outside diameter to service your specialized application needs. This specialized plastic tubing product is ideal for applications that require the strength of regular sized tubing, but necessitate the use of a smaller tube. Our miniature plastic extrusion products are designed to last and provide numerous industrial application benefits.

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Small Diameter Plastic Tubing Materials

We produce mini plastic tubing from a range of materials, including:


A durable plastic that can maintain its tough structure, dimensional stability and impact resistance over time. It can be machined, drilled, cut and sawed and is easily joined with solvents or adhesives.


An extremely light thermoplastic that exhibits excellent dimensional stability and electrical properties. It also has good surface hardness, chemical resistance and easy coloration. In places where fluoropolymer tubing is typically used, polypropylene tubing can be implemented as a relatively low-cost alternative.


This tubing product is lightweight, flexible and exceptionally durable. The inertness of polyethylene makes it is ideal to safely transfer numerous types of chemicals, fluids and materials. Additionally, due to the chemical inertness, the polyethylene tubing forms a good barrier protecting it from gases, vapors, and moisture.


This tubing product is valued for its versatility, thermal stability, and high melt strength. It also displays excellent rigidity. Polystyrene tubing is commonly used within the film, tape, textile and paper industries.


This is a highly versatile tubing product. It is extremely flexible and is an excellent material for clear tubing applications. PVC is commonly used within the construction industry for a wide range of applications.

In addition, we extrude miniature plastic tubing in various grades and formulations to meet regulatory requirements for custom applications. We can provide plastic tubing in FDA grades, flame retardant grades to meet UL requirements, and with UV stabilizers for outdoor applications. Other specialized varieties are available upon request.

Miniature Plastic Tubing Applications

There are numerous applications that regularly use small diameter plastic tubing for their day to day operational needs, some of which include:

  • Electrical Components
  • Swab Sticks
  • Medical Products or Components
  • Dispensing Tubes
  • Fluid Transfers
  • Construction
  • and many, many more
Properties Range
Tensile str.@
yield 1000 psi
Elongation at
yield %
Flex. Mod
10E5 psi
Notched Izod
Temp. F.
UL 94
ABS 1.05 4.5-8 30% 2.8-3.9 1.50-7.1 165-220 HB-VO
Cab:acetate, butyrate 1.2 3-6.6 - 1.2-2.7 2.2-8.4 205-154 -
PVDF: polyvinyl
1.78 1370-8.3 5-10% .25-3.4 - 120-284 VO
RCO 1.02-1.50 2.2-13.0 5%-250% .3-21.0 .7-no break 268-470 HB, V-2, VO
PET Polyester 1.27 7.3 4%-4.3% 2.9-3.6 1.7-1.9 153.158 V-2
LDPE: Low density
0.92 1.1-2.0 100%-800% .2-.4 No break 185-205** -
HDPE: High density
0.95 3.0-5.0 60%-1000% 1.65-2.25 2.3-14.0 150-172 -
Polypropylene: HO 0.9 3.4-5.8 9%-15% 2.0-3.2 .4-.9 175-275 V0,V2,HB
Polypropylene: CO 0.9 2.4-4.0 8%-15% .72-1.85 .8-3.0 145-160 VO,V2,HB
Polyvinyl 0.9 3.0-4.6 - 1.0-1.7 No break 194-203  
1.04 5.4-8 2% 3.0-5.0 .26-.4 203 HB
High Impact
1.05 2.7-4.3 5%-50% 2.0-3.4 .9-4.0 183-201 HB
Chloride Rigid
1.4 5.3-8.0 - 2.5-4.3 1.0-23.0 150-170 VO
Flexible 1.18-1.50 1.1-3.0 240%-425% - NB - -
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