Specialty Tubing

Specialty Tubing

At Genplex, Inc. we are proud of our capability to extrude thermoplastic products in a wide variety of configurations to meet our customers' custom extrusion needs. With our in-house tooling and design staff, we can provide a full line of specialty tubing, including bump tubing, lay flat tubing, dual tubing, multi-lumen tubing, and more.

Genplex takes pride in extruding high quality specialty tubing that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations. Our experienced engineers and technicians are ready to design and manufacture your custom specialty tubing today! Request a quote or contact us to get started.

Bump Tubing

The diameter of bump tubing (also known as tapered tubing) varies along the length of the tube, generally having a larger diameter at the proximal end with a smaller diameter at the distal end. This allows a tube to have two independently specified diameters at either end, which is useful in joining devices of differing sizes. Because it is a single continuous tube, bump tubing forms a fundamentally stronger connection than using multiple bonded parts.

Genplex uses variable rate extrusion synchronized with downstream processes to custom-extrude bump tubing from a variety of materials. We also manufacture flex PVC bump tubing, polyurethane bump tubing, synthetic rubber bump tubing, and more.

Bump Tubing Applications
  • Medical industry
  • Extension lines
  • Laboratory
  • Industrial

Request a quote on custom bump tubing for your application, or contact Genplex to learn more.

Lay Flat Tubing

Extruded lay flat tubing is a flexible, ultra-thin-wall plastic tube which is pressed flat and wound on rolls for easy portability. Unlike many forms of thermoplastic packaging, extruded lay flat tubing does not have a seam around the outside diameter; this improves aesthetics and reduces the chance of failure.

Produced from materials possessing scratch-proof, chemical resistant, and insulating properties, our extruded lay flat tubing offers a durable and lightweight solution that will increase the shelf life of your product.

Lay Flat Tubing Applications
  • Medical industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Packaging
  • Battery coverings
  • Insulation
  • Agricultural industry

Our custom lay flat tubing is extruded from a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Flex PVC lay flat tubing
  • Polyurethane lay flat tubing
  • Synthetic rubber lay flat tubing
  • And more

Transparent materials are also available for improved visibility.

Request a quote on the custom lay flat tubing you need, or contact Genplex for more information.

Dual Tubing

Dual tubing consists of two connected, parallel tubes with identical or varying diameters. This type of construction provides multiple fluid paths, allowing two different fluids to flow in the same or opposing directions. This allows the user to accomplish more with a single line of tubing. Dual tubing also reduces clutter and permits easier identification of tubing connections.

Genplex produces dual tubing using a single profile. Our specialized extrusion process ensures that each line is independently sealed and that there is no cross contamination.

Dual Tubing Applications
  • Fluid Management
  • Electrical
  • Medical Industry
  • Laboratory
  • Industrial

We custom-extrude dual tubing from a variety of flexible thermoplastics, including polyurethane, flex PVC, and synthetic rubber.

Request a quote on custom dual tubing or contact Genplex to learn more.

Multi-Lumen Tubing

Extruded multi-lumen tubing provides multiple "lumens" (or channels) in a single tube, allowing for multiple distinct fluid paths and independent connectivity. These lumens facilitate the transport of fluids and permit the insertion of wires and miniature-size devices.

Extruded multi-lumen tubing reduces the number of tubes necessary to process fluids in complex applications, eliminating clutter and making identification easier. Multi-lumen tubing's ability to deliver many fluids independently has led to the development of less invasive medical procedures.

Multi-Lumen Tubing Applications
  • Electronics
  • Audio cables
  • Fiber optic instruments
  • Medical industry
  • Laboratory
  • Industrial
  • Sample preparation

We extrude custom multi-lumen tubing from rigid thermoplastics including RPVC, polycarbonate, and HDPE.

Request a quote on the custom multi-lumen tubing your project requires, or contact Genplex for more information.

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