Rigid and Semi-Rigid Plastic Tubing

Rigid Plastic Tubing

Rigid plastic tubing is a highly durable plastic extrusion that is available in many unique sizes, shapes and colors. Genplex's rigid plastic tubing extrusions are sturdy, strong, robust and are often compliant with FDA, NSF, UL, or other industry standards. Due to the heavily reinforced wall lining rigid plastic tubing can accommodate the most demanding industrial uses.

Semi-Rigid Plastic Tubing

This type of plastic tubing is strong, lightweight and has excellent abrasion resistance, while resisting crushing and cracking. Semi-rigid plastic tubing is perfect for fluid transfer applications and has excellent resistance to flexural fatigue, tube vibration and movement. Additionally, this type of plastic tubing has a high bend radius to increase kinking resistance and low moisture absorption for resistance to swelling due to water.

Extruded shapes for rigid and semi-rigid plastic tubing include round, oval, triangular, rectangular, and square. We can provide plastic tubing that complies with FDA, NSF, UL, or other industry standards.

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Rigid & Semi-Rigid Plastic Tubing Materials

From standard polyolefin to specialized polymers, Genplex has the technical expertise and the materials to deliver rigid tubing and semi-rigid tubing that meets your unique requirements.

We extrude semi-rigid or rigid plastic tubing in various sizes (including metric), in custom colors (or clear), and with thin to thick walls. We work with a range of plastic tubing materials and can provide high gloss or matte finishes, as needed. Some of the materials that we work with include:

  • Cab
  • ABS
  • PVDF
  • RCO
  • PET
  • Polypropylene
  • HDPE
  • Polyvinyl

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General Properties RangeDensity (g/cc)Tensile str. (@yield 1000 psi)Elongation at (yield %)Flex. Mod (10E5 psi)Notched Izod ImpactDeflection Temp. F.UL 94 Rating
ABS 1.05 14.5-8 30% 2.8-3.9 1.50-7.1 165-220 HB-VO
Cab: cellulose, acetate, butyrate 1.2 3-6.6 - 1.2-2.7 2.2-8.4 205-154 -
PVDF: polyvinyl deneflo 1.78 1370-8.3 5-10% .25-3.4 - 120-284 VO
RCO 1.02-1.50 2.2-13.0 5%-250% .3-21.0 .7-no break 268-470 HB, V-2, VO
PET Polyester 1.27 7.3 4%-4.3% 2.9-3.6 1.7-1.9 153-158 V-2
HDPE: High density polyethylene 0.95 3.0-5.0 60%-1000% 1.65-2.25 2.3-14.0 150-172 -
Polypropylene: HO 0.9 3.4-5.8 9%-15% 2.0-3.2 .4-.9 175-275 VO, V2, HB
Polypropylene: CO 0.9 2.4-4.0 8%-15% .75-1.85 .8-3.0 145-160 VO, V2, HB
Polyvinyl 0.9 3.0-4.6 -- 1.0-1.7 No break 194-203  
Polystyrene Crystal 1.04 5.4-8 2% 3.0-5.0 .26-.4 203 HB
High Impact Polystyrene 1.05 2.7-4.3 5%-50% 2.0-3.4 .9-4.0 183-201 HB
Polyvinyl Chloride Rigid 1.4 5.3-8.0 - 2.5-4.3 1.0-23.0 150-170 VO
Rigid & Semi-Rigid Plastic Tubing Applications

Plastic tubing is used to transfer liquids, air, or solids, and it is characterized by a round, rectangular, or square shape and a hollow center. Plastic tubing is crimp-resistant and varies in bend radius (flexibility), chemical resistance, wall thickness, durometer hardness, and temperature and pressure handling abilities.

The clarity of plastic tubing may be transparent (clear), translucent (semi-clear), or opaque (solid), and the tubing's coloring may indicate suitable applications. Barbed fittings are used to connect tubing or redirect flow in a fluid handling system. There are many diverse industrial uses for our plastic tubing products. Some of the more common uses for rigid and semi-rigid plastic tubing include:

  • Beverage Tubing
  • Cores
  • Dip Tubes
  • Feeder Tubes
  • Filtration Tubes
  • Flexible Hose Tubing
  • Irrigation Tubes
  • Medical Tubes
  • Packaging Tubes
  • Rigid Plastic for Structural Applications
  • Sample Tubes
  • Shipping Tubes
  • and many, many more
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