About Us

At Genplex, we believe quality begins with service. This means making sure our extruded plastic products meet your exact specifications and are delivered to you on time. That's the way we've been doing business for nearly 25 years. We pride ourselves on the partnerships we've established with our clients. The foundation of our reputation is the quality of our work and the focus we give to increase each customer's own profitability.

Duane Colford founded Genplex in 1993 believing that responsiveness and a commitment to work through the challenges of producing custom products with customers would make a difference. As a result of this approach, Genplex continues to grow, adding new customers to its list of repeat business.

Over the years, Genplex has also added a number of additional capabilities to its initial custom extruded plastic products, including:

  • Complex & unique shapes
  • Tight tolerances
  • Secondary work
  • Custom coloring
  • Material consulting
  • Material analyzing

We are a true full-service supplier with most processes, such as tool making and tooling development onsite. This gives us faster turn around times and allows us to lower your costs and minimize your inventory with deliveries when you need them -- for both short and long production runs.

Threadgripps Screw Protectors

Threadgripps Screw Protectors