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Flexible Plastic Tubing

Genplex extrudes flexible plastic tubing in various sizes, materials, shapes and profiles. All our flexible plastic tubing is custom-made to meet our customers' specific regulatory needs and requirements.

Flexible Plastic Tubing Applications

Our flexible plastic tubing is used in countless applications across the food, industrial, laboratory, and medical industries, among many others. Whether you need flexible plastic tubing that meets NSF, FDA, RoHS or other regulatory compliances, we are ready to meet your challenges. Some of the more common industrial applications for flexible plastic tubing include:

  • Medical Tubing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Processing
  • Toys
  • Draining Lines
  • And many, many more
Properties Range
Tensile str.@
yield 1000 psi
Elongation at
yield %
Flex. Mod
10E5 psi
Notched Izod
Temp. F
UL 94
LDPE: Low density
0.92 1.1-2.0 100%-800% .2-.4 No break 185-205** -
Polypropylene: CO 0.9 2.4-4.0 8%-15% .75-1.85 .8-3.0 145-160 VO, V2, HB
Flexible 1.18-1.50 1.1-3.0 240%-425% - NB - -
Elastomers .94-1.2 0.5-3.0 200%-800% - NB - HB

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